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Q:    Am I required to have a home inspection?
A:    No,

Georgia state law does not require a person to have a home inspection done.  One should consider the advantages of a home inspection, however given that purchasing a home can be one of the largest investments of one’s lifetime.  A quality home inspection can provide the buyer with greater knowledge of the home they are buying and more importantly, peace of mind before spending thousands of dollars.

Purchasing an automobile is another significant investment.  It is rare that an individual would purchase a car without doing some research and performing a test drive.  The same holds true for purchasing a home.  A quality home inspection can provide an individual with the information they will need to make an informed decision for only a fraction of the purchase price.

Q:    Am I allowed to accompany the inspector during the inspection?
A:    Yes,
BuySmart Home Inspections highly encourages its clients to participate in the inspection.  Feel free to accompany the inspector so that you have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the home and ask questions.  For Safety Reasons, clients who decide to join us during the inspection are encouraged to simply observe and ask questions.

Q:    How long does an inspection take?

A:    The length of time that an inspection takes depends upon the size and condition of the home.  Typically, an inspection will take no less than two hours and sometimes as many as three or four for larger homes.  BuySmart Home Inspections firmly believes in inspecting each home as if it were our own.  That means that we are going to take as much time as is needed to perform a quality inspection.

Q:    When should I have a quality home inspection performed?

A:    There is a common misconception that home inspections should only be performed on homes that one is considering for purchase.  It is becoming increasingly popular for persons selling their home to have a home inspection done.  Being pro-active in having a home inspection done on a home that you are selling could be an excellent selling feature in today's real estate market.

Q:    I am interested in a newly built home. Do I really need a home inspection since it is new?
A:    In a word, “YES”.  You should certainly have a home inspection performed  before you purchase and move into a home that has not been occupied or had its systems tested.  It is fair to presume that any deficiencies discovered can simply be turned over to the contractor for quick repair with little to no argument.

Q:    Who should I contact for my home inspection?

A:    BuySmartHome Inspections of course……. Call us today at  (706) 362-4951. "BuySmart, you'll be glad you did."